Happy New Year. Bleurgh.

Hmmm.  I appear to have a few followers on this even though I have never posted anything.  So, decided to post something when the mood strikes.  No promises, no regular updates, probably just be me having a good moan when I am fed up, but you never know, perhaps the new …  umm, …. well Shakespeare is probably pushing it.  We’ll see.

So, today, I am feeling like crap.  I have had this cold for weeks, it brings with it a cough, a sneeze and a sore throat.  Occasionally it even takes away my voice (for which my husband is inordinately thankful), but it comes and goes (for which I am thankful!!)  However, it won’t kill me, even though I could really use an uninterrupted nights sleep.

New Year resolutions are on hold, until I feel like getting a handle on them.  Once everything gets back to normal, probably on Monday, I will almost certainly start to put them into action.  Or not.  Depending on whether I can be bothered to start, knowing that five days is usually the most I have done any of them.  Well, Happy New Year, everyone, let’s hope it improves, eh?!  Oh and I’m publishing this now even though I haven’t set up anything, I will work that out when my brain isn’t full of gunk!


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